Watch: Psaki Gives Intentionally Dodgy Statements Concerning Administrations Plans

This past Monday, Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, issued statements during her press briefing stating that Old Uncle Joe’s administration was not planning to exclude any options in terms of what public health officials may start recommending for combatting the still prevalent COVID-19 pandemic.

“On Friday, the President was asked whether Americans should expect more guidelines coming out because of COVID, because of the Delta variant, and he said, ‘in all probability,'” stated a reporter. “So, what’s on the table?”

“I’m not, obviously, the President is keeping the option open of making sure that he is, that the CDC and our public health officials can make recommendations on what’s needed to keep the American people safe,” Psaki answered the question. “I’m not in a position to preview that or to get ahead of any decisions they may make. What I can reiterate, though, is and you heard Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins reiterate this weekend, we’ve been clear, we’re not going back to the shutdowns of March of 2020. We’re not going back to the economy shutting down. We’ve made too much progress. Too many people are vaccinated, there’s been too much progress on the economic front.”

Psaki then continued, “But again, he has said from the beginning that we are going to be guided by the science, guided by our public health experts, and we’re not going to take options off the table of what they may recommend.”



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