WATCH: Protester Gets Too Close To Biden Motorcade And Sparks Secret Service Response

Recently, an agent of the U.S. Secret Service full on tackled a protester holding a bullhorn as she quickly made her way towards the motorcade of Presiden Joe Biden while in Los Angeles, California as he was en route to his appearance on a late-night talk show with Jimmy Kimmel, and apparently ended up far to close for their liking.

The woman, who was clad in an olive-green long dress with a small bag over her shoulder, walked straight out into the street towards the president’s motorcade and caused a few of the onlookers to shout out to her in fear that she might be hit by one of the vehicles.

Hailey Winslow, a reporter with FOX LA, managed to get a video of the event as it took nplace when the Secret Service made the decision that she had officially cross the line.


“She’s gonna get hit by a car,” stated one onlooker, seemingly in warning, to the woman as she marched confidently out into the middle of the road.

Quite a few of the vehicles swerved around her and drove past, then from the right side of the frame, an agent of the Secret Service charged across the screen. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her away from the line of cars and then took her down to the ground.

As the agent took the woman to the ground, someone could be heard starting to shout, “get off her!”

“Watch my back, watch my back,” stated an officer, calling in another agent to help and shoot back, “I got you, go ahead.”

While on the ground, the woman began to buck and kick, screaming at the agent of the Secret Service and grabbing at his face while ripping off his hat and glasses, throwing them off to the side.

Quite a few other agents rush in to make space and push the gathering crowd back, creating a perimeter for the arresting agent who was still in the progress of attempting to subdue the woman that was on the ground.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” screamed one woman as officers pushed back against the crowd to make space.

“Stop resisting! I’m Secret Service,” yelled the officer on the ground at the protester, who chose to continue fighting and struggling. She thrashed around and threw them both to the pavement again, but the agent maintained control. “Secret service, stop resisting,” he yelled.

After almost a full minute, he was able to put the suspect in a position lying flat on her stomach, and called for handcuffs.

“Get the f*** off me!” she screamed. “Get the f*** off me!”

As the handcuffs were finally set in place with her hands behind her back, she screamed “An abortion ban will not stop abortions! Only safe ones! Women are going to die! They’re going to die!”

Another user was able to post a video from another angle:


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