Watch: Lindsey Graham States There Is No ‘Systemic Racism’

This past Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican from South Carolina, fired shots at Democrats for setting up roadblocks for Senator Tim Scott’s legislation that would seek the reform of policing in America. He also threw out the idea that America is “systemically racist.”

“We would have police reform in the last Congress, but Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris made a conscious effort to block bringing up Tim Scott’s reform bill,” Graham stated on the show “Fox News Sunday.”

“They filibustered Tim Scott’s bill because they didn’t want Tim Scott and President Trump to get credit for it,” Graham went on to say.

The one thing on which Republicans and Democrats are still talking is the topic of qualified immunity. The thought process behind the protection is that a civil servant, such as law enforcement officers, are not able to be sued and held personally responsible for any actions that lead to the violating of a person’s constitutional rights except in certain cases where a court rules that their actions were “clearly established” and deemed to be unconstitutional.

According to Senator Graham, these protections are a “big deal” for people in law enforcement all across the country.

“Qualified immunity is a very big deal. If you want to destroy policing in America, make sure that every cop can be sued when they leave the house. There’s a way to find qualified immunity reform. Take the cop out of it,” Graham stated. “My idea, along with Sen. Scott, is you can’t sue the police officer, you sue the department if there’s an allegation of civil rights abuse or constitutional right abuse.”

Other Democrats alongside President Joe Biden have, multiple times, stated that incidents between law enforcement and minorities are a result of “systemic racism” across America, especially in policing. Graham strongly disagrees with these sentiments.

“Senator, is there systemic racism in this country, in policing and in other institutions?” Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday,” questioned.

“Uh, no. Not in my opinion,” Graham stated in reply. “We just elected a two-term African American president,” he stated, making reference to former President Barack Obama.

“The vice president is of African American, Indian descent, so our systems are not racist,” Graham went on to explain, making reference to Vice President Kamala Harris. “America is not a racist country. Within every society, you have bad actors.”

While the media and the Left are running rampant and targeting the officer-involved killing of Ma’Khia Bryant, Graham stated that the case differs drastically from the George Floyd case. The primary change is that officer Nicholas Reardon was completely justified in the use of lethal force against Bryant, who was brandishing a knife at another teenage girl. This is a mindset that even former Orlando Police Chief, now democratic Congresswoman, Val Demings shared.


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