Watch: Georgetown University Students Don’t Support Voting Reform Until…

In Washington, D.C., the students of Georgetown University were polled about new specific measures regarding voting integrity. They agreed with the new measures up until the point where they were told that the new measures were actually the new Georgia voting laws.

The newsgroup Campus Reform Took to the halls of the university with a camera to read the individual components of Georgia’s new law to the students and ended up finding out that “Most students were widely supportive of the bill, applauding its voter expansion.”

In fact, early on in the video one student, who is white, stated that she was originally from Georgia and that there was “a lot of voter suppression” in the state. She added that she thought there needed to be quite a bit more “freedom and accessibility” for voters, giving the example of “extending hours.”

The reporter from Campus Reform in the video, Addison Smith, went on to explain to the students some of the changes of a “new legislation going around,” which would mandate weekend early voting for two Saturdays versus one, giving various counties the option to extend early voting for two Sundays, clarify voting times, ban electioneering with 150 feet of all polling locations, and require identification to make sure that people cannot cast multiple ballots.

The students interviewed agreed with the specified measures.

“Making sure people aren’t casting more than one vote sounds kinda commonsense to me” one student commented.

“I think that allowing voters more time to vote is never a bad thing,” stated another student, who also appeared to be in favor of voter identification to stop illegal voting.

“The ability to vote on the weekend, specifically, makes a lot of sense,” stated another interviewed student.

The student claiming that there was “a lot of voter suppression” in Georgia went on to agree on the measures relating to early voting and electioneering but went back to the left-wing cover story that “not everyone has access to an ID or the ability to get one,” even adding that “not everyone has a static location where they live.”

After talking with each student, Smith asked if the bill he had described would be a perfect substitute for the new Georgia voting laws. The student hailing from Georgia stated, “yeah, anything’s better than that.” They were then informed that what had been described, and that they had agreed with, was actually the Georgia voting bill. The student didn’t seem to be fazed and claimed that the bill also included “less locations” to vote. She went on to claim that it was extremely “classist” to mandate an ID to vote and that the given three years was not adequate time for people to acquire an ID. Smith continued on and told her that more than 70% of black voters were in support of mandating an ID at the polls and was met with only her response of “Okay, I don’t.”

The other students interviewed were quite surprised when they learned the actual contents of the Georgia bill, most admitting to not having actually read it.

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