Watch: Bill Maher Just Destroyed The ‘Woke Revolution’ In One Fiery Rant

It’s no secret that the woke movement has taken the country by storm, with its proponents pushing hard for what they call “progress”. But is this progress actually regressive in nature?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that this movement is more than just a call for progress. It’s an attempt to create a new Year Zero and a new human nature. This is a dangerous prospect, as we’ve seen in many failed revolutions throughout history.

Recent public rants from the likes of Bill Maher and Bari Weiss have highlighted the dangerous reality of the current woke wave. They’ve broken away from the Left on cultural matters, reminding us that this movement is almost entirely ahistorical, refusing to acknowledge the reality of the past.

Very reminiscent of many of the communist movements from the past. All of them, in fact!

“The problem with communism and with some very recent ideologies here at home is that they think you can change reality by screaming at it, that you can bend human nature by holding your breath. But that’s the difference between reality and your mommy,” he said. “Lincoln once said that you can repeal all past history, but you still cannot repeal human nature. But he’s canceled now.”

Maher spoke of how the Chinese revolutionary, Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, thought he could “rewrite” humans by ordering his citizens to “throw off ‘the Four Olds’ – old thinking, old culture, old customs and old habits,” he said.

“So your whole life went in the garbage overnight, no biggie. And those who resisted were attacked by an army of purifiers called the Red Guard who went around the country putting guns caps on people. Whoever didn’t take to being a new kind of mortal being, a lot of pointing and shaming went on. Oh, and about a million dead and the only way to survive was to plead insanity for the crime of being insufficiently radical.”

He went on to warn, “We do have our own Red Guard here, but they do their rampaging on Twitter.”

But, he said, there once was a musician who wrote a song called “Revolution,” but it was not in praise of one. That musician was John Lennon.

“The people who didn’t really listen to it thought it was a ‘rah rah’ call for revolution. No, it was the opposite,” he said.

“The lyrics are: you say you want a revolution. Well, you know, we all want to change the world, but if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anybody. Anyhow, there’s a guy who understood how good intentions can turn into the insane arrogance of thinking your revolution is so f—ing awesome and your generation is so mind-bendingly improved that you have bequeathed the world with a new kind of human. You’re welcome.”

Take the issue of slavery, for example. Woke activists tend to paint it as an invention of White Europeans, imposed on Black Africans in the 17th century. But this completely ignores the fact that slavery was an accepted part of most societies throughout history, including Black African ones. Serfdom in Europe was essentially the same thing.

The leaders of this revolution have already gained an enormous amount of cultural power, and they’re not afraid to use it to crush anyone who disagrees with them. This is why we need allies like Maher and Weiss, who have the sliver of credibility we’ve never had and can potentially influence policy in Red states.

But it’s not just about policy. We need to push back against the false narrative and contain the slow-moving revolution before it spirals out of control. We need to stand up for the truth and reignite the spirit of freedom and progress that our country was founded on. This means recognizing the real history, acknowledging the mistakes of the past, and understanding that progress isn’t always a linear thing.


The woke revolution is real, and it’s a serious threat to our society. We need to fight it with the same passion and energy that its proponents have, and we need to do it now before it’s too late. We need to look past the surface-level “progress” and recognize that, underneath it all, this movement is regressive in nature. It’s time to take a stand and fight for the real progress our country was founded on.

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