Watch: Biden’s Energy Secretary Makes Wild Claim

The Energy Secretary for old Uncle Joe’s administration, Jennifer Granholm, issued a statement that said that “we don’t know fully” whether or not climate change was the main factor to cause the horrid collapse of a condominium complex building down in Miami, Florida.

“Do you think that climate could have played a role in that building’s collapse?” asked an anchor for CNN, who we have previously seen as the governor of Michigan, to Granholm.

“Well, obviously, we don’t know fully, but we do know that the seas are rising,” stated Granholm in reply. “We know that we’re losing inches and inches of beach — it’s not just in Florida, but all around.”

Granholm then went on to brag about efforts being made by Uncle Joe’s administration to try and pass a set of infrastructure legislation.

“Michigan, where I’m from, we’ve seen the loss of beaches because the waters are rising,” she continued on. “This is a phenomenon that will continue… We’ll have to wait and see what the analysis is for this building, but the issue about resilience and making sure that we adapt to this changing climate — that’s gonna mean levies need to be built, that means sea walls need to be built, that means infrastructure needs to be built.”

“Hopefully these infrastructure bills, when taken together, will make a huge step and allow America to lead again,” she stated in conclusion.

This past week, a condominium building collapsed in downtown Miami. The incident resulted in the deaths of at least eleven people and leaving over 150 more people still missing.

“News is starting to come in now for the families, more and more, unfortunately, we haven’t had good news in a couple days, and the pressure continues to build,” stated Gabriel Groisman, the current Mayor of Bal Harbour, this past Monday. “I visited the site several times a day since this started, for hours upon hours, and the rescue workers are working at full capacity, they have heavy machinery there, they’re working, everybody wants it to be faster. It’s never fast enough, but they have to do it in a careful way to make sure that they don’t hurt the site in the sense that they’re not hurting other people that are there in the rubble.”

This past Sunday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) had a meeting with FEMA Administrator Deanna Criswell and welcomed a team from the Israeli Defense Forces that will try and aid the disaster recovery efforts.  The team from Israel declined free hotel rooms instead stay in tents near the disaster site.

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