Violent Leftists Arrested After Vandalizing Memorial to Border Patrol Agents

Two violent leftists (Is there any other kind?) surrendered to police after having been identified as part of the group that vandalized the Memorial to Border Patrol Agents, including the room where agents killed in the line of duty are memorialized.

Elizabeth Lynne Vega (left) and Tiffany Deveze are charged with vandalism and causing $2,500 dollars worth of damage at the facility in El Paso, Texas. Police have identified 14 others who will also be charged in the crimes.

No doubt, the demonstrators were inspired by a bevy of Democrats who call the Border Patrol criminals because they enforce US laws passed by Congress. Many Democrats, such as AOC have called for the elimination of the Border Patrol and ICE.

The El Paso Times reported:

Two activists surrendered Monday on charges connected to a protest at the National Border Patrol Museum in El Paso earlier this year.

Tiffany Deveze and Elizabeth Lynne Vega were the first to be arrested among 16 demonstrators wanted on warrants stemming from vandalism during a Feb. 16 protest at the museum. The warrants were announced earlier this month.

“I will continue to stand with my community and defend human rights on both sides of the border, I will not be intimidated,” Deveze said in a statement. “I am not ashamed and I am not afraid.”

Deveze, 30, of El Paso, was booked into jail on a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass. She was later released on a $750 bond, according to a jail log.

Vega, 52, a Las Cruces native who lives in St. Louis, Missouri, faces a charge of criminal mischief over $2,500, a state jail felony.

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