Violence Breaks Out as Caravan People Attack Mexican

Violence broke out as the illegal immigrants from the second caravan attacked Mexican national police and immigration officials with rocks, glass bottles and fireworks. One illegal died when he was allegedly hit in the head by a rubber bullet. Mexican authorities are denying it because they say none of their people had weapons and they had nothing to use with which to fire a rubber bullet.

They did say that several of the illegals had guns and firebombs. Sure, these are the kind of people the Democrats want us to accept. I would warn them that they don’t want to try that against our troops because they wouldn’t like the outcome.

From The Daily Wire

The initial caravan, which has amassed around 4,000 people, was located near Tapanatepec (population 7,500) in southwestern Mexico on Sunday. Violence broke out there as well. AP reports:

Raul Medina Melendez, security chief for the tiny municipality in Oaxaca state, said the town was distributing sandwiches and water to migrants camped in the central square Saturday night when a man with a megaphone asked people to wait their turn.

Some hurled insults at the man with the megaphone, then they attacked him, Medina said. Police rescued the man as he was being beaten and took him to a hospital for treatment, though his condition was not immediately clear.

The caravan is heading for Niltepec (33 miles northwest) on Monday and still has about 1,000 miles to go before it reaches the U.S. southern border.

There are reports that President Trump has ordered 5,000 active duty troops to our southern border, to deal with the invaders.