Vice President Kamala Harris Warns To Be Ready For Next Pandemic

This past Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris stated to members of the United Nations that now is the time for leaders all over the globe to begin talking about what actions they will take when responding to the next global pandemic.

“At the same time that the world works to get through this pandemic, we also know that we must prepare for the next,” Harris stated.

In part of Harris’ remarks received by The Associated Press before the event, Harris talked about the areas of focus that will be of the most import to the United States and other countries.

“The steps include improving accessibility to health systems, investing in science, health workers and the well-being of women, and surging capacity for personal protective equipment and vaccine and test manufacturing,” as reported by the AP.

“We have been reminded that the status quo is not nearly good enough, and that innovation is indeed the path forward,” Harris stated.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Biden’s ambassador to the U.N., has also been scheduled to deliver a statement at a virtual meeting on Monday, as reported by the AP.

Thomas-Greenfield plans to call on other countries to “build the pandemic preparedness architecture for the future.”

“The takeaway from this past year is clear: The world barely withstood this pandemic,” Thomas-Greenfield stated in portions of her prepared remarks, reportedly. “We must be ready for the next.”

COVID-19 infections have notably jumped sharply inside India, with data from Worldometers stating 313,894 new cases and 2,640 new deaths in the country, according to an update issued this past Monday.

President Joe Biden talked with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India this past Monday, stating that the United States plans to work with the country as COVID-19 infections are on the rise throughout the nation.

The White House released a statement about the call stating:

The President pledged America‚Äôs steadfast support for the people of India who have been impacted by the recent surge in COVID-19 cases. In response, the United States is providing a range of emergency assistance, including oxygen-related supplies, vaccine materials, and therapeutics. Prime Minister Modi expressed appreciation for the strong cooperation between both countries. The two leaders resolved that the United States and India will continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the effort to protect our citizens and the health of our communities.”

Biden is currently scheduled to address a joint session of Congress this Wednesday at the end of his first 100 days after taking office. He will give a speech to “just 200 pre-screened individuals, almost exclusively members of Congress, rather than to all 535 members of Congress, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, members of the Supreme Court, his presidential cabinet, and a host of invited guests, as is typical,” as reported by The Daily Wire.

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