Vaccine Mandate Leads Airline To Terminate Workers

United Airlines has stated that they are currently slated to fire around 600 of its U.S.-based employees in the wake of the deadline for its COVID-19 vaccine mandate came and went this past week.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that after the September 27th deadline set by the company requiring vaccination, it has gone ahead with its plans to fire all of the U.S-based workforces who chose to not heed their mandates and get their vaccinations. The number of people who are looking down the barrel of unemployment currently sits at 593 people, as reported by officials within the company.

“Those workers can still save their jobs if they opt to get vaccinated in the coming days before their official termination meetings, airline officials said Tuesday,” reported the outlet.

United Airlines has been marked as the first major airline within the United States to start to enforce a vaccine mandate on all of its employees. Many other airlines have started taking steps in order to get their employees vaccinated in various ways. As reported by the Journal, starting back in November, Delta Air Line Inc. will start to make all unvaccinated workers pay an additional $200 in charges per month for health insurance from the company.

Back in August, the Daily Wire reported:

As reported by CNBC, United Airlines will be mandating that its U.S. employees — a reported 67,000 people — get the COVID-19 vaccination. They must provide evidence that they got two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, five weeks after the vaccines are fully approved by government officials, or by October 25, whichever date comes first, per executives.

United added that it will allow for exceptions due to health or religious reasons. If employees don’t get vaccinated, they could lose their job.

They also reported earlier this month that once United Airlines stated that employees could be given any religious exemptions to their strict mandate, but it later clarified that any employees who chose to take religious exemption would be placed on leave without pay indefinitely.

The outlet reported, “the airline said that its employees who are granted religious and personal exemptions will be put on unpaid leave but can return to work ‘once the pandemic meaningfully recedes,’ without defining what that meant. Employees who would be placed on unpaid leave included airport customer service agents, flight attendants, gate agents, and even pilots.”

Going on to add, “Those who received medical exemptions from the company’s vaccine mandate will be placed on temporary medical leave, CNBC reported.”

As stated by The New York Times:

United has said that unvaccinated workers can request an exemption based on religious or medical reasons, and that exempt workers will be placed on leave, in many cases unpaid, starting Saturday. The airline postponed the decision to place those workers on leave until Oct. 15, pending a lawsuit filed by six employees, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union said in a statement on Monday.


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