University Starting To Promote Extreme Censorship

A new training regime has cropped up in the University of Oklahoma that should have EVERYONE hopping mad. In documents obtained by the Foundation For Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), the school is actively encouraging instructors to censor, and summarily indoctrinate, students who don’t subscribe to Leftist orthodoxy.

As reported by FIRE, a recording of a workshop entitled “Anti-Racist Rhetoric & Pedagogies” brings to like serious First Amendment concerns by forcibly training “instructors on how to eliminate disfavored but constitutionally protected expression from the classroom and guide assignments and discussion into preferred areas — all for unambiguously ideological and viewpoint-based reasons.”

As seen in a video of one of the pieces of training that were posted to FIRE’s website, one person leading the workshop, Kelli Pyron Alvarez, can be seen making the claim that all undergraduate students are ” a little bit more emboldened to be racist.” She stated that she outright bans “derogatory remarks, critiques, and hate speech,” from being in her classroom, as well as “white supremacist ideas or sources,” except in cases where they are used to expressly condemn racism.

As noted by FIRE, the topics that Pyron Alvarez thinks that fall into these delineations are never overtly explained, but she still stated, “If they use any of those things, if any of those come through in their writing or in their comments, I will call them out on it.” If they continue on and make a second mistake that you see, she told the people in attendance that they should “report them.”

In addition to all of this, the training materials obtained by FIRE also informed instructors “how they might lead students not only to topics the instructors find appropriate, but also to the side of the argument that the instructors prefer” in a class that is normally supposed to let students choose their research topics on their own.

Pyron Alvarez does go on to acknowledge that teachers and professors might be worried about getting in trouble for suppressing the free speech of their students.

“Like we can’t tell students that they can’t say something in class. But we can! And let me tell you how,” Pyron Alvarez stated.

Another leader of these insane workshops, Kasey Woody, issued a statement to instructors that they can “steer” students away from any “problematic territory.”

“I, in this case, usually look for my students who might be, like, entertaining the idea of listening to a problematic argument. Then I say, ‘we don’t have to listen to that,’” Woody stated.

Woody also made sure to allay the concerns of the attendees that they would not be punished for their violations of the student’s First Amendment rights.

“You do not need to worry about repercussions at any degree in the university if you are responding to a student who is using problematic language in the classroom,” she added.

Pyron Alvarez Made the bold claim that the Supreme Court gave instructors the legal right to censor their students.

“The Supreme Court has actually upheld that hate speech, derogatory speech, any of the -isms do not apply in the classroom because they do not foster a productive learning environment. And so, as instructors we can tell our students: ‘no, you do not have the right to say that. Stop talking right now’, right?” she concluded.

As stated by FIRE:

Professors cannot abuse their power to require students to personally adhere to a particular viewpoint or ideology. As the AAUP has written, instructors have academic freedom of “instruction, not indoctrination.” It can be hard to define precisely where this line falls, but there’s no question that a significant amount of this workshop teaches participants how to indoctrinate instead of how to instruct.


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