University Of Texas Is Leaving People Scratching Their Heads With Its New Professor

With plans to work in the university’s New School for Social Research within its history department, the University of Texas has officially hired a man, who is more commonly known as the “commie cadet,” onto their teaching staff.

Spenser Rapone, the new professor who is also known as the “commie cadet,” was taken out of the U.S. army on an “other-than-honorable” discharge after he published a series of photos that seemed to praise communism during a graduation ceremony over at West Point. Rapone is now sitting pretty on staff in the history department over at the University of Texas.

As part of the graduation ceremony back in May of 2016, photographs of Rapone were taken as he opened his dress uniform to reveal a previously hidden T-shirt with a red image of the famous socialist icon Che Guevara. Guevara is more well known as a Marxist revolutionary who played a fairly large role in the Cuban Revolution. In another revealing image, Rapone could be seen lifting a first into the air and showcasing the inside of his hat which stated, “Communism will win.”

Seemingly attempting to repeat his sentiments, Rapone also tweeted this.

As reported by the Army Times, an in-depth investigation into Rapone’s behavior online discovered that the former cadet used his presence online to advocate for a large socialist revolution and to disparage high-ranking military officers. For this, Rapone was punished for “conduct unbecoming of an officer.”

In a statement put out after Rapone’s photos caused a big stink on social media, West Point stated “In no way [do Rapone’s actions] reflect the values of the U.S. Military Academy or the U.S. Army.”

In statements made to the Associated Press, Rapone stated that he likes to think of himself as a “revolutionary socialist.” He routinely attempted to encourage other members of the armed forces to cease fighting for the United States, or as he more commonly calls them, “the agents of imperialism.”

“I consider myself a revolutionary socialist,” stated Rapone. “I would encourage all soldiers who have a conscience to lay down their arms and join me and so many others who are willing to stop serving the agents of imperialism and join us in a revolutionary movement.”

As part of an interview with Jacobin, Rapone stated that he does not think that the U.S. armed forces fight for “freedom,” “truth,” or “justice.”

“I was always told growing up that the U.S. military protects the innocent, that we fight for freedom, truth, and justice,” stated Rapone. “It didn’t take me long to realize that my experiences did not reflect that in the slightest… We were just persecuting and terrorizing some of the most exploited people on Earth with one of the most technologically advanced militaries in history.”

The University of Texas biography for Rapone stated that he has continued his interests in socialism and routinely continues his research on the subject. One particular angle he researches more heavily is “Ba’thism,” which is known as a fusion of socialism and harsh Arab nationalism.

“[Rapone’s] research is primarily concerned with the question of the spirit and soul in modern thought,” reads the professor’s biography. “Specifically, he seeks to reconstruct and historically situate politico-theological ideologies such as Ba’thism and similar thought-forms in the Arab World and beyond.”

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