Union Boss Warns Democrats They Do Not have a Lock on Their Votes

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka met with representatives of the Democratic candidates for president and he warned them that they could not count other union’s votes unless they bow and kiss his ring.

But, he can’t guaranty the votes no matter what. In 2016, many union members defied Trumka and did not vote for Hillary. They voted for Donald Trump and for jobs. This time around it could be even more profound because Trump has a track record now and it’s a very good one for union workers.

More people are working than ever before and he doesn’t subscribe to the job-killing man-made global warming hoax.

From The Blaze

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka didn’t mince words during a closed-door meeting with representatives of Democratic presidential candidates ahead of Wednesday night’s primary debate, warning 2020 hopefuls not to count on union votes “simply because you have a ‘D’ next to your name.”

The Huffington Post reported that aides “from the entire field” of Democratic White House contenders were in attendance when Trumka told the group that while workers have traditionally supported candidates on the left, they best not take union interests for granted.

“It’s time to do better,” Trumka said. “I believe you can. I believe you will. But you can’t offer campaign rhetoric or count on workers’ votes simply because you have a ‘D’ next to your name.”

The union boss — who represents a federation of 55 unions — added, “We are caught in a web of century-old labor laws that prioritize unchecked corporate greed over all else. We can blame this White House all we want. But this isn’t new.

“More often than not, the Republican Party is bad for workers,” he continued. “The president is bad for workers. But let’s be honest about the Democratic Party’s record.”

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