Unhinged Democratic Senator Demands DOJ Charge Kavanaugh With Perjury

There must be something in the water in Oregon. And Sen Jeff Merkley must be drinking a lot of it. Even after all of the Democrats gave up the ghost of keeping Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, Merkley trudges on. He filed restraining orders against Trump and Mitch McConnell in an effort to stop the vote on confirmation.

Now, he is insisting that the DOJ charge him with perjury. Merkley is considering a presidential run. Why… I don’t know. Maybe it’s because everyone else is. Even as the Republicans are getting supercharged over the Democrats handling of the Kavanaugh confirmation, Merkley is still at it and likely to get even more voters to cross over.

From Breitbart News

In an interview on The Intercept’s “Deconstructed” podcast that was released on Thursday, Merkley was asked what Democrats could do about Kavanaugh since they are not going to have 67 votes to impeach him in the near future.

“Let’s start with the proposition that the Justice Department could, obviously under a different leader than President Trump, proceed to pursue felony charges against Brett Kavanaugh for perjury before the U.S. Senate,” Merkley said.

When asked if he would be pushing for that, Merkley replied, “Absolutely.”

Merkley further added that the Supreme Court is now “the most powerful legislative body” and declared that “it is a legislative body controlled by and for the powerful rather than by and for the people.”

It seems like every time the Democrats decide to have a firing squad, the first thing they do is form a circle. Already, it may have prevented from gaining control of the House and it has moved at least three Senate races into the Republican favor. Keep it up, guys. You are doing fine.

According to The Intercept:

Because if Democrats take the House, maybe even the Senate too, what happens next, are they willing to take a left turn and really fight for what they believe in? Because Democrats, well, they tend to bring a knife to a gun fight, while Republicans they bring a rocket launcher. So, the question we’re discussing today is will a Democratic majority in Congress use its power not just to go after the tangerine tyrant in the White House but to push for a bold, progressive agenda? Are the Democrats ready to get radical?

RADICAL? Bring it… WE THE PEOPLE dare you!

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