Uncle Joe’s Decisions Lead To Worrying Reaction From States

Marc Nozell / Flickr / CC2.0

Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, and Doug Ducey, the Republican governor of Arizona, have issued requests for help from other surrounding states in order to help secure the southern border amidst the incoming horde of illegal immigrants.

This past week, Abbott and Ducey issued a joint statement calling for surrounding states to send law enforcement agents to beef up border security as the officials within Uncle Jow’s administration seem to struggle to stem unprecedented levels of illegal immigration currently affecting the U.S.

“Securing our border with Mexico is the federal government’s responsibility. But the Biden administration has proven unwilling or unable to do the job,” wrote the governors in a letter that is dated June 10th. “This failure to enforce federal immigration laws causes banns that spill over into every State.”

“The cartels will see to it that their deadly fentanyl and human-trafficking victims reach far and wide. The convicted criminals they smuggle into the homeland will bring recidivism with them to far too many of your communities. And although now people are coming to our border from as far away as Senegal, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan, the cartels are not exactly screening for threats to public health or national security,” continued the governor’s letter.

The elected officials brought to light that they have each already sent out hundreds of officers, and members of the national guard, to the border in order to assist Border Patrol in securing the border.

“In response to the ongoing surge of illegal border crossings, with the accompanying threats to private property and to the safety of our citizens, Governor Abbott has declared a disaster and Governor Ducey has declared an emergency,” the letter states. “Given the staggering number of violations now occurring in Texas and Arizona, additional manpower is needed from any state that can spare it. With your help, we can apprehend more of these perpetrators of state and federal crimes, before they can cause problems in your State.”

large groups of illegal immigrants,  including a large number of unaccompanied minors, have been consistently pouring across the border ever since Uncle Joe won office this past year. The Border Patrol has set a new record for the total number of apprehensions this past month, arresting a larger number of illegal immigrants in the month of May than any month that is currently on record dating back to the Department of Homeland Securit’s beginnings back in 2002.

The Daily Wire Reported:

“In May 2021, CBP encountered 180,034 persons attempting entry along the Southwest Border,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement. “Single adults continue to make up the majority of these encounters.”

The disastrous border numbers for last month represented a staggering 674% increase vs. May of 2020 when 23,237 illegal aliens were apprehended. Last month’s numbers were the worst numbers in more than two decades.

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