Uncle Biden Makes Another Insane Decision About The Border Crisis

An upscale neighborhood in Scottsdale, Arizona is in a tizzy about the latest decision that the administration of President Joe Biden has made. Residents living near Scottsdale’s Homewood Suites are seething over the fact that a former hotel has been taken and repurposed as housing for a large group of illegal immigrants that is roughly 1,200 strong. The event has even drawn the attention of Arizona’s Republican Attorney General to join the fight against this decision.

“In a statement from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), officials say that Texas and Arizona will provide temporary emergency shelter and process families placed in their custody through a short-term contract with Endeavors, a nonprofit organization. Through the contract ending on Sept. 30, 1,229 beds will be used to house families,” reported the news outlet Fox 10 Phoenix.

Over the past weekend, a large group of roughly two hundred residents took to the streets in protest over the situation.

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Mark Brnovish, Arizona’s GOP Attorney General, released a statement aimed at President Joe Biden in which he stated:

I was extremely disappointed to learn about this through a newspaper report rather than any prior contact from DHS or ICE, even though there are important public safety issues involved in locating any detention center in a community setting. The root-causes of the current crisis are problems of the Biden administration’s own making, including policies that have administratively — and intentionally —crippled ICE’s law enforcement mission and incentivized illegal immigration. While everyone rightly expects that migrants should be treated humanely, a new detention facility at the Hotel property should not be established. …

[D]etention facilities inherently carry some risk that one or more individuals who pose a public safety threat are going to be housed there and potentially leave the premises. … there is no guarantee that housing 1,200 detainees would not result in some of them being released into the community. ICE has adopted irresponsible ‘enforcement priorities’ that administratively repeal almost all ICE enforcement. … The Hotel Property is literally adjacent to an apartment complex and near a senior living facility. … It is less than a block from a high school, less than one mile from a preschool, and less than two miles from a middle school. … It appears that DHS and ICE are attempting to circumvent any state or local involvement in the decision to establish this detention facility.

“The President is using Arizona as an experiment with his reckless border policies. I will continue to stand up for Arizonans and do everything I can to stop the Biden Administration’s attempt to abolish ICE. All of us will pay the price, not only with our tax dollars, but also with our national security, and the safety of our families.” Brnovich added.

As stated by one protester, “Over the Memorial Day Weekend, we were notified about the hotel and the illegals that were moved in under the cover of darkness without any kind of consultation from the local community.”

“My wife and I drove by last night and sure enough, they have armed guards and we have pictures taken by other homeowners unloading buses with people with backpacks into the facility. So we’re concerned that none of us have been put on notice. There was no due process.” added another member of the residential protest.

The Scottsdale Office of Communications weighed in as well, stating, “Scottsdale has no current authority to prevent the hotel from being rented for these immigrant families. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the contractor who will operate the facility have provided assurances that they will be able to address any operational concerns that may arise. Immigration is a federal matter, over which the city of Scottsdale has no responsibility or oversight.”

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