Tucker Carlson Reveals the Democrat’s Racism on Immigration

Democrats love illegal immigration and they do their very best to keep them invading our country. But it appears they have their limits and that limit is when you start moving them into your city.

That’s the reaction that Democrats are having over the Trump plan to dump illegals from the catch and release program into their cities. Nancy Pelosi is up in arms about Trump dumping these illegals in San Francisco. As Tucker Carlson pointed out that their attitude is racist. They should be welcoming the illegals not complaining.

Only the mayor of San Jose seems to be willing to take them in.

From The Daily Caller

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson asserted that Democrats don’t really have a welcoming attitude towards illegal aliens during the opening monologue of Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“The left really couldn’t be clearer on this question. All immigration is good. More immigration is better. There is no distinction between legal and illegal varieties of immigration. And if you disagree with any of this, you are a white nationalist. That’s what they say almost every day for the past two years but we watch carefully, so have you,” Tucker said, after showing a number Democrats saying on the record that they wanted to welcome illegal immigrants.

Tucker then went on to call out Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke for calling such a policy “dumping” unwanted humans in random cities.

“If you want to defile someone’s pristine city, you ‘Dump immigrants on it?’ Whoa. That sounds a little … Searching for the word here … Racist! A lot racist, actually!” he continued.

“But Nancy Pelosi agrees with it, turns out. She lives in one of these cities that might be dumped on, so she immediately issued a statement decrying it, ‘The extent this administration cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated, using human beings, including little children, as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize individuals is despicable’ for this is confusing. It doesn’t seem to make sense but how can the presence of immigrants “Perpetuate fear”? Immigrants aren’t dangerous for they told us that a thousand times but they are safer than you are. They are amazing. Much more amazing than you are,” Carlson said, imitating Democrats’ argument in favor of immigrants, whether legal or not.