TrumpTown Is The Facebook Alternative For Conservatives

It is no surprise to conservatives that Facebook, Google, and Twitter hate them. The Russians could never have hoped to have the effect on elections that those three have.

They have banned conservatives en masse. There is a new alternative out there that not only welcomes conservatives but specifically supports trump voters, called trump Town. Trump Town was founded by Addison Riddleberger, a former Conservative Tribune writer, after his page with 2.5 million followers was banned by Facebook after he paid them a fortune to promote his page.

He is self-financing the new alternative, using a GoFundme campaign to do it.

From The Conservative Tribune

“It gets worse — it happened 24 hours before the 2018 mid-term elections and to this day, Facebook has provided zero explanation as to why they banned him and his pages.”

That kind of censorship is why conservatives are starting to seek out and fund alternatives like TrumpTown.

It’s absolutely necessary for conservatives to have a voice on the internet or else politics will be dominated by the left — and that seems to be the major social media giants’ goal.

Even if conservative alternatives don’t eclipse technology titans like Facebook and Twitter, they will have a positive impact.

Competition from other platforms might force Facebook and Twitter to abandon their left-wing practices.

But for now, it’s clear that conservatives aren’t welcome on social media.

There must be a change in social media and it will start with conservatives flocking to alternatives.

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