Trump’s Tariffs Already Having A Positive Effect, Just Ask Gary Indiana

How many are you familiar with Gary, Indiana? In case you didn’t know it, Gary is the hometown of the Jackson Five. It is also a city that was nearly dead. Like many cities in the United States that have been under Democratic control for many years, it was dying.

Then the “racist” president stepped in and imposed tariffs on cheap steel that is subsidized by their home countries, allowing them to dump their steel on our markets. Not anymore. US Steel has announced a major investment in the old steel plant located in that city. They plan on making the plant bigger and will add newer more innovative equipment.

The Chicago Tribune reported:

U.S. Steel announced Thursday that it is investing $750 million to revitalize its flagship Gary plant to gear up for increased demand in the wake of President Donald Trump’s tariffs on imported steel.

The company said the investment will make “significant upgrades” to increase efficiencies at the 110-year-old Northwest Indiana plant, which is U.S. Steel’s largest, employing 3,800 workers.

The investment in the Gary plant is part of a $2 billion asset revitalization program at Pittsburgh-based U.S. Steel. The five-year Gary project will include building expansion and the installation of new production equipment and technology.

No new hires were announced as part of the plant improvements.

“There are no committed new jobs at this point, but the project will retain the more than 3,800 jobs in Gary,” Abby Gras, a spokeswoman for the Indiana Economic Development Corp., said Thursday.

U.S. Steel Corp. President and CEO David Burritt credited favorable trade policies on steel imports as instrumental to the company’s facility modernization program.

“We are pleased to be making this significant investment at Gary Works, which will improve the facility’s environmental performance, bolster our competitiveness and benefit the local community for years to come,” Burritt said in a news release

I wonder how long it will be before CNN credits Obama for revitalizing Gary. Every day, the economy gets stronger and expands, creating new jobs at a rapid pace. Unemployment is way down and the stock market is strong. But the media will never give credit where credit is due.

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