TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test Is In. Less Native Blood Than Average White Person [VIDEO]

Many of you wanted Elizabeth “Sitting Bullcrap” Warren to get a DNA test. Well, she did and she says it proves she was right all along but was she? She is 1/1024 native American. That comes out to  0.0009765625%. In order to be declared a Cherokee, you must have 17% Cherokee blood. Elizabeth Warren actually has less Indian blood that the average white person.

In fact, she may have even less Indian blood than the test says she has because the researcher who did the DNA test did not match her blood against a sample of a Cherokee blood.

Here is Elizabeth Warren saying that her mother and father had to elope because her mother was Cherokee and Delaware:

From Breitbart News

The Stanford University researcher who studied Sen Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) DNA sample did not actually use samples of Native American DNA.

The Boston Globe broke the story Monday of Warren’s DNA test, which she and the newspaper claimed as proof of her Native American ancestry after results suggested she may have had a Native American ancestor six to ten generations ago. That means her genome may be between 1/64 to 1/1024 percent Native American.

Buried deep within the Globe story, however, is the admission that the Stanford University researcher who studied her DNA sample did not actually use samples of Native American DNA to determine whether Warren’s dubious claims of Cherokee ancestry were true.

The analysis depends, therefore, on faith in Bustamante’s methods of extrapolation, and on the other methods he used to determine that Warren’s supposedly Native American DNA segments were not mere statistical noise.

The tests say that her Indian blood goes back 10 generations, meaning her Indian blood goes back 300 years.

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