Trump Warns Illegal People: ‘You Will Be Leaving Soon!’

President Trump sent an ominous message to all of the illegals that the Border Patrol has been having to release.  9,000 in just an 8 day period.

He is telling them not to get too comfortable because we will be sending them packing as we build up our ability to apprehend them and the rulings of activist judges are vacated. This could well be the major issue in the 2020 election. That is a lose/lose situation for Democrats.

All gains in deportations will be credited to President Trump and all of the non-enforcement will be blamed on the obstructionist Democrats.

From Breitbart News

President Donald Trump warned Friday that migrants and illegal immigrants released into the United States should not get comfortable.

“Please do not make yourselves too comfortable, you will be leaving soon!” he wrote on Twitter.

Trump commented as border officials are daily releasing thousands of immigrants apprehended at the border into the United States as part of the catch and release loopholes in U.S. immigration law.

The Department of Homeland Security revealed that about 9,000 border crossers and illegal immigrants have been released into the United States in just eight days.

But Trump argued that the immigrants released by border officials were only in the United States temporarily.

“All people that are illegally coming into the United States now will be removed from our Country at a later date as we build up our removal forces and as the laws are changed,” he wrote.

Trump praised border law officials for record numbers of apprehended migrants and illegal immigrants at the border, as the wave of migrants from Central America continues into the United States.