Trump Makes History But Will He Make Peace?

Never underestimate Donald Trump. The liberals and the media does and he makes them look like fools. Now, we shouldn’t expect any big announcements from the summit but it will be a success if they say that a second summit is planned because that means no one is asking for something the other can’t or won’t give.

But again, this is President Trump we are talking about. The two met and had a cordial handshake and a smile. The President was going to meet alone with Kim 45 minutes before the larger summit begins.  It is currently morning in Singapore and the summit is in full swing.

The funny thing is that Democrats are telling everyone the talks are doomed but the ones saying that are the ones who failed to stop the nuclear testing. This summit is dring them mad not because they think it will be a failure but because they are afraid of it being successful and lead to something substantial. Because, if that happens, Democrats have no chance in 2020.

From The New York Post

They began their historic summit with a handshake that few thought they’d ever see between the leaders of the longtime adversaries.

Then, hours later, they emerged to sign the document, which Trump called “very important” and “pretty comprehensive.”

“We’re very proud of what took place today. I think our whole relationship with North Korea and the Korean Peninsula is going to be a very much different situation than it has been in the past,” Trump said as he sat beside Kim, smiling and signing the papers.

“We both want to do something. We both are going to do something. And we have developed a very special bond. So people are going to be impressed. People will be very happy and we’re going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world. I want to thank Chairman Kim.”

The North Korean leader echoed Trump’s optimism and declared that “the world will see a major change” as he and the president “decided to leave the past behind” by holding the Singapore summit.

Hours earlier, Trump and Kim began the five-hour event by walking onto a red carpet decorated with American and North Korean flags and greeting each other like old friends.

It was a far cry from the nearly 70 years of enmity between the nations — including an eruption of tensions earlier this year, when Trump and Kim exchanged insults in the wake of provocative missile tests by the North.

“I feel really great. We’ll have a great discussion,” the president told reporters after he and Kim entered a meeting room where they sat across from one another at the Capella Hotel on Singapore’s lush resort island of Sentosa. “We will have a terrific relationship.”

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