Trump Hating Rep Justin Amash Has a Business in China

We are just now finding out that Justin Amash has a business in China that he uses to supply the family business in the United States. Could Trump’s tariffs be costing him money? Is that why he wants to impeach the president?

According to his financial disclosure forms, Amash is a co-owner of Dynamic Source International a Chinese company that supplies parts to Michigan Industrial Tools Inc., his father’s Wyoming-based business. Amash’s company is located in Yuhang District Hangzhou Zhejiang, China. He claims that his company does not manufacture any product and that he set up the company to facilitate trade.

If the tariffs are imposed on his product, even his father may have to look elsewhere for his parts.

From The Gateway Pundit

n his 2017 financial disclosure forms (pdf here), Representative Amash reports income of between $100,000 to $1,000,000/yr. for his ownership stake in Michigan Industrial Tools. Michigan Industrial Tools is the parent company, manufacturing in China, that produces Tekton Tools, Justin Amash’s Michigan family business.

According to an earlier Michigan article “Amash is a co-owner of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that supplies Michigan Industrial Tools.”  A visit to the website of Dynamic Source International (link) shows the company operates “manufacturing and factory facilities located in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang Province”, China.

When you follow the internal link [“MIT-Tool“] within Dynamic Source International website, it connects to the portal of  Tekton Tools:

Dynamic Source International and “Michigan Industrial Tools” (financial disclosure) appear as same corporation doing manufacturing in Hangzhou, China.  The finished product is then shipped/sold in the U.S. by the Amash family (Justin and his brother Jeff) under the name Tekton Tools.

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No wonder Amash is such a Trump-hater.  Trump’s trade policies will help American workers but may not benefit the Amash family business– especially their business interests in China.