‘Truly Historic’ Infrastructure Bill Finally Gets A Signature

This past Monday, President Joe Biden finally put his pen to use by signing the $1.2 trillion dollar  Infrastructure and Jobs Act. This outcome finally comes to light in the wake of many months of intra-party debate and negotiating.

As reported by CNBC, “The bill will inject $550 billion of new funds into transportation, broadband and utilities over the next five years. It also represents one half of Biden’s domestic agenda, and opens the gate to passage of the second half, a $1.75 trillion social spending and climate change bill.”

While this bill may be very predominately supported by Democrats, quite a few Republicans were present at the signing, such as Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), and Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV).

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At the signing Old Uncle Joe called the newly signed law a historic measure and put forth the claim that it will help the middle class. The president went on to state that the newly signed bill will lead to the formation of millions of jobs, despite being signed in the face of a high number of Americans still continue to quit their jobs.

“Most of all it does something truly historic,” Stated Biden while attending the singing ceremony. “I ran for President believing it was time to rebuild the backbone of this nation which I characterize as working people in the middle class. They are the ones who built the country. And to rebuild the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, this law delivers on that long overdue promise in my view. It creates better jobs for millions of Americans.”

In another statement, Vice President Kamala Harris drew a parallel of the signing of the bill to the final authorization of the transcontinental railroad, the Eisenhower interstate system, and the Hoover Dam.

“In the middle of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln started construction on the Transcontinental Railroad. In the middle of the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt finished construction on the Hoover Dam,” stated the Vice President.

In another comment, she stated, “President Dwight Eisenhower signed the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act in the middle of the Cold War. And today — and today, President Joe Biden will sign the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law.”

Heralded by Old Uncle Joe as a purely bipartisan bill, 19 Republican senators voted in favor of the bill and over in the House a total of 13 Republican Representatives followed suit.

“The bill I’m about to sign into law is proof that despite the cynics, Democrats and Republicans can come together and deliver results. We can do this. We can deliver real results for real people,” claimed Biden at the signing event.

One Senator who was in opposition of the bill, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), slammed the House Republicans who stood in favor of the measure.

“And I will tell you, in the House, for the House Republicans who voted for this, Joe Biden and the Democrats, their agenda was on the rails. It was failing. It was on the way to going down,” claimed Cruze this past Sunday. “And what those Republicans did is they breathed life into it; they gave Joe Biden a political win. He’ll now go across the country touting, look at this big bipartisan win.”

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