Three Antifa Arrested During Protest/Riot in Portland, Oregon

Police arrested three people for their roles in the protest/Riot in Portland that saw journalist Andy Ngo so badly, he was admitted into the hospital because his brain was bleeding.

That anyone was arrested is shocking, but going on history, they will not be prosecuted and if they are will be found not guilty. The three people charged are Gage Halupowski, 23, on charges of second-degree assault and assault on a public safety officer. James K. Stocks, 21, on the charge of harassment.Maria C. Dehart, 23, on the charge of second-degree disorderly conduct and harassment.

None of them are involved in the Ngo beating and robbery?

From Breitbart News

Antifa protesters in downtown Portland physically attacked Ngo, who was worried that something like that could occur.

“I am nervous about tomorrow’s Portland Antifa rally,” he tweeted Friday. “They’re promising ‘physical confrontation’ & have singled me out to be assaulted.”

“I went on Tucker Carlson last year to explain why I think they’re doing this: They’re seeking meaning through violence,” he added.


Ngo was taken to the hospital and is reportedly being treated for injuries to his face and neck, including a ripped earlobe.

Michelle Malkin provided an update:

Attackers tore his ear lobe and you can see the injuries he sustained to his face and neck. Please keep sending messages of encouragement with your much-appreciated donations to keep his spirits up and let him know how much his journalism matters.