The True Thoughts Of Cassidy Hutchinson About The January 6th Committee Have Come To Light

The recent so-called star witness in the January 6 Committee hearings, Cassidy Hutchinson, seemed to not like the January 6th committee when she was first summoned to give her scathing testimony, claimed some recently unveiled text messages.

As read in a recent report from The Daily Caller, which has been based upon the released text messages sent out by Hutchinson herself, the former White House aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows labeled the subpoena from the committee as “BS” and made it quite clear that she was entirely unimpressed with the idea that U.S. Marshals had shown up at her home to serve it.

As seen in the released text messages, which were gathered by the Caller’s senior Congressional correspondent Henry Rodgers, Hutchinson seemed to be going after assistance from the First Amendment Fund, which was created by the American Conservative Union (ACU) as a way to help any private citizen “who have not been accused of any crimes and were simply engaging in free speech activities” when it comes to January 6th.

“Hey (redacted)! This is Cassidy Hutchinson. Kind of a random question, but do you still work for the Schlapps at the ACU?” stated Hutchinson in her message, to which she got the reply, “Hi, yes!”

“Do you happen to know a First Amendment fund POC I could reach out to? I was subpoenaed in early Nov., but the committee waited to serve me until last week (after Ben’s deposition),” Hutchinson went on, stating, “I had to accept service because the U.S. Marshalls came to my apartment last Wednesday, but I haven’t made contact with the Committee. I’m just on a tight timeline and just trying to figure out what my options are to deal with this bs.”

As part of that same conversation, Hutchinson reportedly stated that she did not want to see the January 6th hearings “unnecessarily elevated.”

However, Hutchinson then went ahead and testified for the produced and widely televised hearings, during which she attempted to allege that former President Donald Trump had tried to force his group to follow along with his supporters to the main Capitol building to such a degree that he attempted to grab the wheel of the car he was in and attempted to physically fight an agent of the Secret Service who stopped him from doing so.

Quite a few different sources have since stated that her claims were untrue, and Matt Schlapp, the ACU President, issued a response to her testimony by stating that he was quite happy that the First Amendment Fund had chosen not to assist her.

“Ms. Hutchinson approached CPAC for help through our First Amendment Fund which has helped J6 political victims defend themselves. I am pleased we did not assist her performance today. Relaying WH hallway gossip as fact does not qualify as first person testimony,” he stated via social media.


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