The Search Starts Back Up At The Miami Disaster Area

On Monday, the crews of people searching the wreckage have resumed their combing through of the rubble of the  Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida. They are still looking for the 118 missing residents still to be found from the tower in the wake of the decision to implode the building’s remains.

At roughly 10:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, the demolition crews set off the explosive charges that were designed to take down the dangerous remains of the Champlain Towers in the wake of the horrendously unexpected partial collapse that took place in late June that left most of the condominium building as a pile of rubble atop what was previously the tower’s pool deck.

The officials for Miami-Dade issued a statement about the demolition on Sunday morning, citing concerns that the upcoming tropical storms would cause further damage to the already tenuosly standing structure and becoming an even worse hazard for the search and rescue crews trying to make their way through it. the demolition crews come from a Seattle-based company, which has professional experience in taking down large-scale buildings, were sent down to get to work on Sunday evening.

CBS News reported on the dramatic explosion and was able to post the footage to their social media accounts.

At such time that the search efforts had been called off at the start of this past weekend, the search and rescue groups had managed to find and recover 24 residents, but it has been multiple days since anyone else has been recovered from the rubble alive. In the wake of the demolitions, crews have discovered the remains of another 3 residents.

This past Monday, NBC News reported that the search efforts have started back up in the wake of the demolition, but may have to be put back on hold again as Tropical Storm Elsa moves up the Florida coast.

“Search and rescue efforts for 118 unaccounted for residents continued Monday now that the unstable remnants of a Miami-area condo tower that collapsed nearly two weeks ago has been brought down,” NBC News stated. “The destruction of the remaining structure has allowed search and rescue teams to explore more of the debris without concerns that the unstable building will collapse on the crews, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said on NBC News’ ‘TODAY’ show.”

“We owe it to all of those waiting to get this pile and open it up for search and that’s exactly what happened last night before midnight,” Cava stated. “They were out there again, searching in the rubble. And we understand that families realize the fact that time has gone by, they realize that the chances are going dimmer and dimmer.”

Charles Burkett, the mayor of Surfside, Florida, stated that the demo has allowed crews to work faster, which has let the search team exhume the collapsed apartments at a highly accelerated rate because now that can safely use heavy equipment, which before was prohibited in case they destabilize the remaining structure.

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