The SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Makes Punk Rocker ‘Quit America’

While playing a concert this past Friday in London, Billie Joe Armstrong, the famous frontman for punk rock band Green Day, has officially announced that he now has plans to give up his American citizenship, stating that he was not joking around and that he now plans to move over to the United Kingdom as a response.

Armstrong, who has historically never been afraid to shout his political opinion to the masses, seemed to be responding to the recent SCOTUS ruling over Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in which they made the choice to overturn the historic abortion rulings from both Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

“F*** America, I’m f****** renouncing my citizenship,” lead vocalist and guitarist for Green Day @billiejoe said, as he called the US a ‘miserable f****** excuse for a country.’ Hey Billie Joe—this is the country that made your career,” stated @jules31415 via a tweet that highlighted a video of Armstrong’s statements.

“‘F*** America, I’m f***ing renouncing my citizenship, I’m f***ing coming here,” exclaimed Armstrong at the start of his recent show.

“There’s too much f***ing stupid in the world to go back to that miserable f****** excuse for a country,” he went on, before pausing to let the crowd calm down. “Oh, I’m not kidding, you’re going to get a lot of me in the coming days.”

Jimmy Faila, a comedian and the host of the radio show “Fox Across America,” issued his response to these statements from the rock star via social media, stating, ” Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong says he’s renouncing citizenship and moving to the UK over the repeal of Roe V Wade. Someone should probably tell him Europe has much stricter abortion limits than the U.S. does. Actually, on second thought …”

“The good news just keeps pouring in. Bye bye loser,” tacked on @catturd2.

The people in attendance for the show that Friday evening also stated that Armstrong made it a point to shout “f*** the Supreme Court of America” just prior to breaking out into the band’s well-known “American Idiot” which he claims was written due to extreme frustration with the political heads of the United States.

Previously, he has performed in from of a backdrop that stated “F*** Ted Cruz,” and a few of the songs on the “American Idiot” album, which was officially released back in September of 2004, were written to call out the politicians and media who tried to alter the public perception of the war in Iraq.

“I would never think of American Idiot as being about the Bush administration specifically,” stated Armstrong to one outlet, The Spin, at that time. “It’s about the confusion of where we’re at right now.”

“The world’s in a confused state,” tacked on the band’s bassist, Mike Dirnt. “I’m pissed off, and I’m angry, and I feel like I’m not fully represented.”



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