The Recent WaPo Twitter Fiasco Has Bill Maher Throw Shade At Modern Newsrooms

The recent issue taking place over at the Washington Post due to a retweeted joke highlights just how the modern woke newsrooms have ended up being “daycare centers,” stated Bill Maher this past Friday while hosting his HBO show “Real Time.”

As the leader in throwing shade at his fellow liberals over their insanely thin skins and quests to try and cancel anyone who slightly disagrees with them, Maher spoke about the ongoing controversy that has recently plagued the Washington post earlier this month. David Weigel, a star reporter, retweeted what seems to be a mildly sexist joke and a fellow reporter, Felicia Sonmez, went and got offended and tried to publicly shame and call out the newspaper. Weigel, in response, ended up getting a suspension over the ordeal and Sonmez saw themselves outright fired over the controversy.

“It’s funny, you think my generation is an eyeroll?” claimed Maher, seemingly targeting Conmez. “Let me let you in on a little secret about the younger generations. No one wants to hire you. Your sense of entitlement is legendary and, with notable exceptions, your attention span and work ethic suck.”

Maher then highlighted the infamous joke that Weigel so daringly retweeted, “Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual,” was fairly tame all things considered and Maher went on to sate that Sonmez’s reaction to the joke was entirely over the top. She first called out the entire newspaper for reportedly employing someone who would even think of sharing such a horrible joke, and then continued whining on to complain about her colleagues as many of them defended Weigel, who issued her an apology for the joke offending her.

The outlet officially suspended Weigel for a month without pay, but then chose to outright fire Sonmez when she refused to stop whining and complaining about the incident publically.

“Of course, the leadership at the Post folded like a Miami condo and suspended Weigel without pay for a month and denounce the offending retweet is a ‘gross violation of their values.’ –  free speech apparently not being one of them,” stated Maher. “For days, [Sonmez] raged with the fire of a thousand burning bras, sending a gazillion tweets calling for more to be done against Weigel, mocking her bosses, attacking colleagues, and letting the world know how much The Washington Post sucked. And this endless bickering and infighting continued online in public view until the bell rang and they all went to seventh period.”

Maher stated that the behavior of both the outlet and of Sonmez is just a prime example of the modern-day newsroom, which he likened to an “unlicensed daycare center.”

“The fact that the Post’s initial response was to punish not Felicia but one of their best reporters for a silly joke shows that the kindergarten is already in charge,” he stated.

Maher insisted that this entire ordeal was a perfect example of why millennials aren’t ready to take over positions of power.

“I’m sure many boomers would love to retire, but they can’t,” stated Maher. “They’re like the grandmother who would much rather be watching Judge Judy and has to raise her grandkids because her own kids are too f***ed up to manage it.”

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