The President’s Popularity With This Group Scares Democrats

The president has been getting some pretty remarkable polling numbers but the number that sticks out the most is 50%. That is the percentage of Hispanic voters who say Trump is doing a good job. Hillary got 66% of the Hispanic vote in 2016 but still lost the election.

If Democrats get just 50% of their votes, they would have to find the votes somewhere else. Considering the huge numbers they get from Blacks and the dead, picking up additional votes there seems unlikely. And with both Blacks and Jewish voters falling out of love with the Democrats, they could be in bad trouble.

From The Conservative Tribune

If there was any one group of individuals one might expect to hate President Donald Trump — one group whom the media has constantly said Trump has demagogued against — it’s Hispanics.

After all, the idea that the president and Republicans want to enforce immigration law — not to mention build a wall along the southern border to prevent illegal border crossings — is generally considered prima facie racist by the media.

Yet, wonder of wonders, they seem to approve of President Trump’s performance.

A survey by pollsters McLaughlin & Associates found that 50 percent of Hispanic voters approved of Trump’s job performance, compared with 48 percent that didn’t.

Overall, 51 percent disapproved of the president’s performance compared with 47 percent who approved.

“Our most recent national poll of 1,000 likely voters was completed before the release of the Mueller Report, between March 20 and 24,” pollsters Jim and John McLaughlin wrote for Newsmax in a piece published Friday.

“The results of this new national poll show that President Trump and the Republicans are poised to take advantage of the great opportunity afforded by the president’s vindication by the final release of the Mueller report.”