The New Rules For NYC’s In-Person School Year Have Parents Upset

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Students attending public schools in New York City are finally going back to 1005 in-person learning for the first time in what seems like ages but is only actually since they went remote-only back in March of 2020. However, as quite a few parents and multiple news outlets are stating, in-person does not, in fact, equate to a return to normal and just may end up hurting the students even more than their time spent remote learning did.

A columnist for the New York Post with children going through the new NYC public school year, Karol Markowicz, brought to light the extreme restrictions that the kids will have to go through in the upcoming school year.

“My daughter’s Manhattan middle school won’t be using lockers this year. My sons’ Brooklyn elementary school has let us know that water fountains will remain closed. No group projects, no field trips, no parties. Outdoor recess will be masked and distanced. Forget tag or sports,” Markowicz stated.

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She indicated a health guide issued by New York’s Education Department, which seemed to suggest that the school just cancel all sports, theater, clubs, and all music-related activities due to the fact that the children may just breathe too much during these activities.

“Due to increased exhalation that occurs during physical activity, some sports can put players, coaches, trainers and others at ­increased risk for getting and spreading COVID-19. Close contact sports and indoor sports are particularly risky. Similar risks might exist for other extracurricular activities, such as band, choir, theater and school clubs that meet indoors,” states the guide in question.

Along with this, schools will soon require all students to eat their lunches outside while also sitting on the ground so as to continue to stay apart. A few schools have even put forth new rules stating that the students are not allowed to talk to one another during these lunches.

“One Manhattan elementary school sent parents a survey asking what they should do in case of inclement weather. One of the options was actually ‘skip lunch,’” continued Markowicz.

In a post on Twitter, Markowicz went on to say that students will have to fill outa health form every day before their classes, in which they are questioned about possible symptoms of COVID-19.

“Is a kid really handing in a form admitting they are having symptoms?” questioned Markowicz. “How about we drop the form and instruct parents to keep home kids experiencing symptoms instead of noting it on some form?”

It was reported by WABC that the website for the city on which the student and staff are made to report their health status went down this past Monday morning before school and caused massive delays due to the fact that parents and staff were forced to fill out all the documents by hand. Even after this, they were forced to submit themselves to verbal questioning before entering school buildings.

The outlet also stated that vaccinated students who go on to test positive for the virus but do not show any symptoms will be allowed to continue to attend their classes instead of the normal quarantining. However, they will be encouraged to keep a personal space of 3 feet from everyone else as a result.

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