The Internet Loses Its Mind As Biden Makes More Odd Comments After Appearance

This past Thursday, Old Uncle Joe ended his joint appearance with the currently retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer by stating that he was refusing to take any questions at all before handing the already masked Breyer another folded face mask, much to Breyer’s confusion.

The pair made the appearance together in order to officiate the formal announcement of Breyer’s intent to retire at the end of the current session of the Supreme Court, which was previously leaked early Wednesday,  and Biden used the chance to also make another announcement that he plans to follow through on a promise made during his campaign to take steps to nominate the first black woman to the Supreme Court.

After giving the retiring justice a chance to speak, Biden jumped forward to close the event by stating that he did not feel it was at all “appropriate” to take any questions on the subject as the justice was still present.

“Thank you all so very very much for being here,” he stated before going on to add, “I’m not going to take any questions because I think it’s inappropriate to take questions with the justice here, he’s still sitting on the bench and —”

Mid-sentence Biden stopped and turned in order to hand what seemed to be a small folded white face mask to the justice. Breyer, who was already wearing a mask at the time, quietly slid the new mask into his pocket as Old Uncle Joe seemingly remembered he was speaking and turned back to the mic. “And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get me later today and through the rest of the week and next week too, thank you very much.”


Internet critics rushed in to mock Biden, questioning how it was following the “science” to hand over what could have only been his own facemask to the justice.

Joe Biden just handed his used mask to Justice Breyer who then put it in his pocket. Impeach or nah?” tweeted out Dave Rubin.

This sentiment was mirrored by another who asked, “Wait why did he hand him his mask?!?”

“At the end of his event, Biden handed Justice Breyer his mask, which Breyer then put in his pocket, and Biden walked away maskless. Amazing how clueless this man is,” stated Caleb Hull in a tweet.

After careful review of the video from the start of the event, it seems to suggest that the mask Biden slid into the hand of the justice may not have been his own. The president walked into the room and then walked straight to the lectern, where he took off his own black mase and started speaking. The mask he placed in the hand of Breyer near the end was white and may have been left there by Breyer after he had finished his remarks.


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