The Flag Kneelers May Have Went Too Far With This Latest Stunt

People say that the Democratic party does not stand for anything. They are wrong. They do stand for things, the American flag is just not one of them. But the same party that disrespects our flag and our veterans have also booed God at their national convention, so that puts us in some pretty good company.

Democrats boo God:

Yet, this is the same party who often misquote the Bible in support of unAmerican activities. Democrats in congressn take a knee to the American flag.

People should realize by now that Democrats oppose everything that true Americans hold near and dear? In America, 1,410 American children get separated from their parents because they broke the law for every one illegal child separated from their parents. Do you see any marches for the American children? Yet, tens of thousands deranged liberals will commit mayhem or worse for that one illegal child. The US government spends 34k a year on average for each illegal child. The average middle-class children have 12k spent on them and that comes from the parents’ pockets, not the taxpayers’. Liberals give lip service to the poor but take no actions to help them. 13.2 million American children live in poverty while no child in federal custody shares their fate.

In Chicago, they held a demonstration for open borders. There was not one single American flag flying anywhere, but liberals had plenty of Mexican flags.

“Lots of Mexican flags at the anti-ice #KeepFamiliesTogetherMarch in Chicago. #MAGA #nowall #NOBORDER #NoCountry

“The same people who protest the American flag are now waving Mexican flags at the #KeepFamiliesTogetherMarch Let that sink in”

“#FamiliesBelongTogther marcher flies flag that combines the US and Mexico into one country”

“The New Flag of the Democrat Party”

It won’t be long before liberal businesses put up signs that say “Americans Not Welcome Here.”

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