The FBI Hero Who Found Emails on Weiner’s Laptop and Exposed Comey-Strzok Criminality

John Robertson, an FBI agent, doesn’t look anything out of the ordinary… But he is.

Robertson did not hesitate when given the choice to do the right thing. To expose corruption? Or to keep his mouth shut to secure his job? He did the right thing. That’s unusual these days. Robertson was assigned to the Anthony Weiner case. Not only did he discover the nearly 700,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop, but he put his job on the line. Exposing Comey, McCabe, and Strzok, for trying to cover it up before the election. People have been fired for a lot less. Ask Adam Lovinger.

“BREAKING: Meet the man who changed course of history:FBI agent JOHN ROBERTSON. Working Weiner sex-crime case, this unsung (& before-now unidentified) hero discovered trove of Clinton emails & blew whistle on the Comey/McCabe/Strzok cover-up of the evidence”

Paul Sperry wrote about John Robertson at The Federalist.

One career FBI special agent involved in the case complained to New York colleagues that officials in Washington tried to “bury” the new trove of evidence, which he believed contained the full archive of Clinton’s emails — including long-sought missing messages from her first months at the State Department.

RealClearInvestigations pieced together the FBI’s handling of the massive new email discovery from the “Weiner laptop.” This months-long investigation included a review of federal court records and affidavits, cellphone text messages, and emails sent by key FBI personnel, along with internal bureau memos, reviews and meeting notes documented in government reports. Information also was gleaned through interviews with FBI agents and supervisors, prosecutors and other law enforcement officials, as well as congressional investigators and public-interest lawyers.

If the FBI “soft-pedaled” the original investigation of Clinton’s emails, as some critics have said, it out-and-out suppressed the follow-up probe related to the laptop, sources for this article said.

It’s nice to know we have people like John Robertson looking out for us. Also, knowing there are still honorable men and women serving at the FBI.