The Curious Case of Who Gave George Papadopoulos $10,000 – Obama or FBI Spy?

It has come to the public forum that during questioning by the Mueller team, George Papadopoulos revealed that he was given $10,000 from someone he thought might be a spy. He did not keep the money. He gave it to a lawyer in Greece because he thought the money was coming from a spy.

So, why would I assume that it could have been a setup? Because no one knew about the meeting or the money that was handed to him in Greece, yet he was arrested the moment he got off the plane in the United States. And how did Mueller and his henchmen know to ask about the money just a couple of days after it was received? Papadopoulos made a great move in immediately turning the money over to a third party.

From The Daily Caller

  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed that George Papadopoulos received a $10,000 cash payment from a man that the former Trump aide believed was a spy.
  • An Israeli American businessman named Charles Tawil allegedly made the payment to Papadopoulos.
  • The pair were in contact last year about an energy consulting agreement. Papadopoulos said he turned the money over to his attorney.

On the final page of a memo recommending that Papadopoulos serve up to six months in jail, Mueller said that Papadopoulos told investigators about $10,000 in cash that he received from a foreign national who he suspected to be a foreign spy.

“The defendant provided information about $10,000 in cash he received from a foreign national whom he believed was likely an intelligence officer of a foreign country (other than Russia),” reads the court filing, which recommends a fine of between $500 and $9,500 for Papadopoulos.

“The defendant has stated that he kept that money in a safe pending his sentencing in this case and Counsel for the defendant has consented to the imposition of this fine amount,” it continued.

Mueller has recommended a six-month sentence for Papadopoulos, who seems to have been inundated with spies sent by the Obama administration. He should be set free. he was a young naive man who was attacked by Deep State shady characters. next time he will know better.

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