The Associated Press Makes A Strong Decision

After the discovery of her anti-Israel commentary by the Stanford College Republicans, the Associated Press fired a recently hired news correspondent.

Deep in a Twitter thread, the Stanford College Republicans laid out the details of the vents that activist Emily Wilder took part in during her time on the school grounds between 2016 and 2020. Discovered in a Facebook posting, Wilder called Sheldon Adelson, the recently passed pro-Israel advocate, a “naked mole rat.”

“In one week, I will be attending Jewish Voice for Peace’s Return to Birthright protest outside of Taglit-Birthright Israel’s fundraising gala with far-right, pro-Trump, naked mole rat looking billionaire [Sheldon] Adelson,” Wilder stated.

Back during 2017, Wilder assisted in the running of a “Return the Birthright” rally held in NYC, in which the Stanford College Republicans issued the claim that it “den[ied] the Jewish people of their own right to self-determination.”

The Return the Birthright campaign was started by a group that thinks that the Jewish people are occupying Palestinian territory called Jewish Voice for Peace. Information from their website states that their goal is to “Return the Birthright because it’s unjust that we get a free Birthright trip, while Palestinian refugees can’t return to their homes.”

Wilder also went on to champion the idea that Jews “ethnically cleansed” Palestinians from Judea and Samaria. Also back in August of 2018, she gave excuses for the threats issued by Hamzeh Daoud, a Stanford residential student who issued threats alluding to wanting to “physically fight Zionists on campus.”

The Washington Free Beacon was told by a spokeswoman from the AP that it “requires employees to abstain from political activity.” In the days leading up to her final termination, Wilder stated that “objectivity” felt “fickle” when she spoke about the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“‘Objectivity’ feels fickle when the basic terms we use to report news implicitly stake a claim,” Wilder stated in a Twitter post. “Using ‘israel’ but never ‘palestine,’ or ‘war’ but not ‘seige and occupation’ are political choices — yet media make those exact choices all the time without being flagged as bias.”

Back on the 19th of May, Wilder was terminated for her violation of the company’s media policies “during her time at AP.” In a statement to The Washington Post, Wilder stated that she was devastated.

The Associated Press has been the main topic of backlash after the Israeli military discovered that the new source was allegedly housed in an office building alongside the terrorist group Hamas. The news source issued its condemnation of the Israeli military for the striking of the office building and stated the claim that the Jewish state had a “rocky relationship” with international media sources. The AP stated:

Twelve AP staffers and freelancers were working and resting in the bureau on Saturday afternoon when the Israeli military telephoned a warning, giving occupants of the building one hour to evacuate. Everyone was able to get out, grabbing a few belongings, before three heavy missiles struck the 12-story building, collapsing it into a giant cloud of dust. 

Although no one was hurt, the airstrike demolished an office that was like a second home for AP journalists and marked a new chapter in the already rocky relationship between the Israeli military and the international media.

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