Texas Teacher Breaks Down To Tears After Spouting Insane Comparison About Masks

Recently, A Texas school teacher posted a video of herself tearfully making the comparison that the lack of a face mask mandate at her school to an impending school shooting in a TikTok that has since gone viral over the past weekend.

A high school English teacher from just north of Austin, Jenny Gillis, Stated this year she has had “my regular back to school anxieties,” but “this year there is this overshadowing apprehension.”

Gillis stated that she worried about things such as who will take care of her children if she dies, how she will take care of medical bills if she is hospitalized,m and how she will be able to live with it if she gives the coronavirus to any of her students or her own children and they die.

“It is like we are trying to protect our students from a mass shooting that we know is coming but cannot do anything about,” stated the teacher. “Except we can do something about it, it’s just that not everyone agrees that wearing a mask will stop the onslaught of students and staff who are likely to become sick and that makes me sick.”

Gillis stated that she has heard other teachers talking about how to find affordable attorneys so that they can finalize their wills, just in case they don’t survive the upcoming unmasked school year.

“We are wondering what legal rights we have” in regards to the new mask mandates, she went on to say.

“We’re tired of fighting parents who feel like mask mandates violate rights,” she stated, going on to assure parents that, “we would step in front of a bullet and die for you child.”

Various TikTok users put for the suggestion that Gillis’ fear just might be a bit blown out of proportion.

“My son spent all of last year in school 5 days a week with no mask mandate. Yes, there were cases. Nothing serious. No death. No hospitalization,” stated one such TikTok user in a comment on the video.

“Maybe your son is the one who killed my friend Fawn who died in ICU from COVID in July,” Gillis replied with an accusation.

Over on Twitter, where the video had been shared to make it go viral, Gillis went on to reveal that she was already fully vaccinated.

“Yes, my entire family is fully vaccinated. I know I won’t die,” she stated in another tweet.

Texas is currently seeing a spike in hospitalizations over the coronavirus this month as the new delta variant spreads throughout the state. As reported from Austin-Travis county, the seven-day average of new hospitalizations is 76.

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