Teenagers Arrested For Shooting At Police Officers To ‘Murder A Police Officer’

A young 13-year-old boy, along with his 14-year-old compatriot from Arizona, was taken into custody for firing guns at police officers and confessed that he was trying to “murder a police officer,” are reported by police officials.

The pair of juveniles from Arizona has been taken into custody after allegedly attempting to shoot at police officers while the officials were attempting to investigate a reported burglary case.

The ordeal took place this past Monday, June 20th, as reported by the Police Department of Glendale, Arizona. The officers were looking into a reported burglary when they heard gunshots with several of them whizzing past the officer as narrow misses.

“Officers used the ShotSpotter technology to pinpoint that the shots came from an apartment complex located near the 59-hundred block of West Rose Lane,” stated a spokesperson for the Glendale Police Department. “Officers responded to the area and located a security camera which captured the incident.”

The two kids were then spotted via a video carrying out the shooting against the police officers, one of the kids was already well known by police officials. Officer then carried out a search warrant and took both the teens into custody along with confiscating the firearm.

The teens confessed to their actions as they were being questioned about if they had fired the shots at the officers. Reportedly, the older of the pair took the firearm from his mother’s dresser and then proceeded to go outside and film the younger of the two shooting at the police.

“The younger boy fired one shot and the older boy took the gun at that point firing several more rounds,” stated a report from Glendale police.

It was then that police officials spoke about one chilling discovery: “While being questioned the younger boy admitted to officers he wanted to ‘murder a police officer.’”

The teens were officially booked on felony counts of aggravated assault, attempted murder, and unlawful discharge of a firearm.

As stated by Arizona law, the two teens are too young to be fully prosecuted as adults. The law stipulates:

Juveniles 15 years of age or older accused of murder, forcible sexual assault, armed robbery or other violent felony offenses as defined by statute shall be prosecuted as adults. Juveniles 15 years of age or older who are chronic felony offenders as defined by statute shall be prosecuted as adults. Upon conviction all such juveniles shall be subject to the same laws as adults, except as specifically provided by statute and by article 22, section 16 of this constitution. All other juveniles accused of unlawful conduct shall be prosecuted as provided by law.”

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