Ted Cruz Steps As Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Member To Call Out Biden

Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas and a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, has come forward to correctly place the blame on Old Uncle Joe and his administration for how it has handled the insanely increasing gas prices across the country.

Cruz put forth a series of strong comments during the meeting of the committee that took place on Wednesday as a response to the increased energy cost under President Joe Biden’s watch, highlighting the 4 decade high inflation under his leadership.

“Over the past 15 months, we’ve seen inflation grow higher than any time in the last 40 years. Perhaps the most painful driver of inflation has been the skyrocketing cost of gasoline at the pump,” stated Cruz to the Committee.

“When Joe Biden took the oath of office, the average retail price of gasoline was $2.38 a gallon. Today, it is $4.23 a gallon. In some parts of the country, the price has crossed $6.90 a gallon. This was not an accident. It was not an unintended side effect. Nor was it principally the result of the war in Ukraine. This was the result of the Green New Deal zealots in the Biden administration. They told the American people they would do this. And they kept their promise. And now, the Democrats have discovered they have a problem,” he continued.

Cruz then threw out the idea that Biden has actually created a “war” on American energy, seemingly preferring to get oil from a nation trying to launch a war to just gathering the oil that exists within the United States’ own soil.

“That’s why we’re having this hearing. Not to discuss how President Biden launched a war on American energy, and would rather buy gas from the Maduro regime or from Vladimir Putin than from Americans making money here in America. Rather, it’s that people don’t like paying four and five and six and $7 a gallon to fill up their tank,” stated the senator in his arguments.

“The Biden administration’s assault on oil and gas production began during his campaign when he pledged during the debate and I want you to look at what he said. He said quote, ‘No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period. Ends,” he continued.

Cruz stated that the raised gas costs are not shocking. Biden “delivered” on his original promises to stop the use of the Keystone XL pipeline and stop all federal gas and oil lease sales.

“That’s what he promised the American people and you know what? He delivered on that promise the first day in office – he cancelled the Keystone pipeline. The next week he halted all federal oil and gas lease sales, stopping development on the part of the economy that produces 24% of America’s energy. On May 7, Biden’s Interior Department announced plans prohibiting oil gas production on 30% of U.S. federal lands on June 1, but first Biden revoked leases on the North Slope of Alaska, totaling 16 billion barrels of oil in stranded production. On October 7, Biden eliminated Trump’s permit streamlining regulations. On October 29, Biden’s interior began using the quote, ‘social cost’ of carbon in permitting, which is a new kind of analysis never enacted by Congress designed to get to know and deny permits. And then on March 21, just a few weeks ago, Biden’s Security and Exchange Commission announced a new regulation aimed at reducing investment in oil and gas cutting off capital for drilling,” stated the Senator as evidence.

Cruz ended his comments by placing the blame for this whole mess squarely on the shoulders of Biden and the Democrats, rather than Biden’s effort to throw the blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Supply and demand has been how prices have been set from the dawn of time, supply and demand still operates. The Biden administration has waged a war on supply and prices have skyrocketed. This is not an accident. This is not Putin. This is Joe Biden and the Democrats in the Green New Deal and they’re desperately looking for a political excuse to blame somebody else for the consequences of what they promised they would do to the American people,” he stated.

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