Teacher Holds 8 Year Old Boy Back From Recess to Convince Him He is Transgender

An angry set of parents, who are remaining anonymous to protect their son is suing a teacher and the Nellie Muir Elementary School, for causing the boy to suffer anxiety and has been seeing a professional for help.

According to the suit, the teacher, who is not named, held their son back from recess multiple times and asked him if he thought he was a girl. She began showing him videos and brought him books on being transgender. The parents and the school was unaware of what the teacher was doing. The lessons are not part of the school curriculum

From The Conservative Tribune. 

What began as conversations quickly changed into full-on lessons about trangenderism, according to the lawsuit. The Nellie Muir Elementary School teacher allegedly held the boy back from second-grade recess multiple times to have inappropriate conversations about his sexual identity in April 2018.

“The parents said the teacher asked their son if he thought he was a girl multiple times,” KPTV explained. “They say the teacher held the boy back from recess several times to watch videos and read books about being transgender.”

Remember, this wasn’t part of any school curriculum. The parents say the teacher singled out the boy for “lessons” after he had a bathroom issue, and pushed transgender material such as non-explicit videos onto him after assuming he questioned his gender.

As you might imagine, elementary school can be a confusing enough place for young kids to navigate. So when the boy — whose name is being protected — was singled out by a teacher and essentially told that he should question who he was, he was impacted.

The boys mother said: “He feels different now, he feels confused. To hear your son say that … on a couch talking to a therapist, holding back tears — it’s very heartbreaking.”