Teacher Fired For Statements About George Floyd

A theology teacher at an Ohio Catholic high school was terminated after a video of her stating that George Floyd’s cause of death was disputed was released by students.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Deborah DelPrince, a teacher at Bishop Ready High School, was put on administrative leave after her comments about Floyd. As a result of the intense media and student backlash, DelPrince has been terminated from her teaching position that she has held since 1999.

In the video that was posted to Twitter by an alumnus of Bishop Ready, DelPrince can be heard making statements that condemn Lebron James for wearing a shirt that read “I Can’t Breathe,” which are the final words that were spoken by George Floyd before he fell unconscious.

“That’s just not true,” DelPrince said, referencing the shirt. “It perpetuates a myth against police. I’m not sure Lebron James is in the position to be disrespectful to police officers, primarily because he probably doesn’t go anywhere without a bodyguard.”

“Did you just say that it’s disputed that George Floyd couldn’t breathe?” a student questioned seemingly shocked.

“Yes, it is disputed,” DelPrince retorted.

“By who?” the student asked.

“The tape,” DelPrince said.

“Did the medical examiner … nevermind, I’m sorry,” the student said at the end of the video. “Because I’m going to stay something that’s going to get me in trouble.”

After the video had gone public and was running rampant over Twitter, the Catholic diocese that oversaw the school immediately started investigating DelPrince and the issue. They released a statement that DelPrince had made “unsupported personal assertions and opinions” during her class.

“These comments, contrary to school and diocesan guidelines, reflected extremely poor judgment and, upon learning of this incident, the instructor was immediately placed on administrative leave pending a detailed investigation,” the statement says.

The Diocese of Columbus has refused to make comments or explain which policies DelPrince went against that led to her termination. When pressed, a spokesperson for the Diocese of Columbus told The College Fix that the teacher’s personnel issues are “confidential by policy.”

It is known that during the investigation that the students of Bishop Ready High School created a petition to have DelPrince removed from her position.

“An apology and a not very thorough investigation will not be enough this time,” the petition states. “We want to ensure that everyone who wants to share their story has a voice in this matter since so many of us were ignored before.”


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