Taliban Fighters Upset That Helicopters Left By U.S. Do Not Function

Reportedly, the Taliban are “feeling angry and betrayed Wednesday” after finding out that the helicopters that were left behind by the United States military during the process of officially pulling out of Kabul, Afghanistan, do not work and in quite a few cases, were intentionally sabotaged in order to make them inoperable before the full pullout of the military, as stated by Fox News.

An Al Jazeera reporter interviewed a few Taliban militants after they had entered the formerly American side of Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), and proceeded to post a video of the ordeal to various social media outlets, stating that the fighter for the Taliban had expected the U.S. to just up and leave their equipment and supplies in full working order, but it is currently not known whether or not the U.S. made any such deals at all.

“An Al Jazeera reporter who toured a hanger on the military side of the airport said in a video that the terrorist group ‘expected the Americans to leave helicopters like this in one piece for their use,’” reported Fox.

“When I said to them, ‘why do you think that the Americans would have left everything operational for you’? They said because we believe it is a national asset and we are the government now and this could have come to great use for us,” the Al Jazeera reporter stated in her social media video.

Images of the equipment were posted to social media and appear to be of the scores of helicopters and a few other aircraft that were forced to be left behind as the American military took its leave, and show smashed indicators and gauges along with various destroyed control modules and panels. The pictures also seem to indicate that the U.S> military had removed all arms and armaments from the vehicles prior to their leaving.

On Tuesday, The Washington Post stated that while initial reports read that the Taliban has taken over $85 billion in equipment that had been left by the Americans,  that number ac actually denotes all of the funds that had been expended in the assisting of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) since 2001.

Using a percentage that was obtained from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Post stated that the “equipment provided to Afghan forces amounted to $24 billion over 20 years. The GAO said approximately 70 percent of the equipment went to the Afghan military and the rest went to the national police (part of the Interior Ministry).”

However, it is still not entirely clear just how much of the equipment ended up being taken and placed in the hands of Taliban fighters. “With great fanfare, the Taliban has seized a number of Black Hawk helicopters, including ones that the United States had just shipped this year at the request of former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani,” continued the post, stating that the Taliban does not have what many would call qualified pilots and that they had targeted Afghan military pilots for execution prior to taking Kabul.

As of leaving, CENTCOM has stated, “the military ‘demilitarized’ 70 MRAPs, 27 Humvees and 73 aircraft,” which is likely to include the vehicles that the Taliban is now mad about.

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