Suspected ISIS Suicide Bombing Leave Dozens Hurt In Uganda

This past Tuesday police announced that over thirty-three people have been hurt with 3 confirmed killed across a series of suicide bombings that took place in Uganda. Police have indicated that it seems to be the handiwork of an East African radical Islamic cell that has a high probability of being linked to the Islamic State.

The attack that took place in Kampala, which is the capital of Uganda, happened in the business district of the city and most likely involved four attackers.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, “The first attacker detonated a backpack at a checkpoint near Kampala’s central police station, said Mr. Enanga. The second attack was carried out by two people riding motorcycles near the main entrance of Uganda’s Parliament.”

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The fourth terrorist was taken down by police before he was allowed to set off his bomb. Police officials think that the attacks were handled by a partner of the Islamic State in Uganda known as the Allied Democratic Forces.

“Our intelligence indicates that these are domestic terror attacks, linked to the ADF,” stated a spokesperson for the police, Fred Enanga. “We believe there are still very many suicide attackers out there. The threat is being directed at all Ugandans.”

All across the African nation, there has been a notable spike in the number of threats from Islamic terror groups, and officials in Uganda have warned of possible future attacks being imminent. The first strike by ISIS-allied terror groups in Uganda took place this past month when a bombing took place that left one woman dead, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

“The bomb threats are still active, especially from suicide attackers,” claimed Enanga. “We believe there are still more members of these domestic terror cells, especially the suicide bomb squad that has been created by the ADF.”

Cases of Islamic terror are not new throughout the area. Troops from Uganda have also been trying to fight al-Shabab, which is an affiliate of al-Qaeda, in Somalia. As stated by Reuters, Ugandan officials have fought alongside its Western allies in efforts to fend off Islamic terror across the country for the past few years.

Among the dead, there were reportedly two police officers found and they have many witnesses able to detail the horrid aftermath of the bombings.

“I saw a vehicle on fire and everyone was running and panicking. I saw a boda boda [motorcycle] man – his head was smashed and covered in blood,” stated one witness to Reuters.

groups of analysts have stated that the rise of the ADF over in Uganda is starting to allow other militants from outside Uganda to dig their way out and move into the east African nation.

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