Support For Gun Control Has Dropped

In his speech to the joint session this Wednesday,  President Joe Biden plans to push Congress to pass comprehensive gun control legislation, which includes “a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines,” reported USA Today.

As stated in a new study, all support for comprehensive gun control has been in steady decline starting back in 2018 after it managed to peak in the wake of a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Just this week, support has reached a new record low on the topic.

This past Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that a poll, which was conducted by the Post itself working with ABC News, found support for gun control legislation is at the lowest point it has been in years. This finding is in spite of a recent set of very publicized mass shootings. Overall, support for gun protection seems to be on the rise as well.

“The poll found that 50% of Americans support passing laws to reduce gun violence, down from 57% in 2018. 43% of Americans say the government should prioritize protecting the right to own guns, up from 34% in 2018,” as reported by Axios. “The poll, conducted between April 18 and April 21, comes after a series of mass shootings in the U.S.: one that left eight people dead in several Asian spas in the Atlanta area, another that left eight dead at an Indianapolis FedEx warehouse, and one that killed 10 people in Colorado.”

Americans have noticeably changed views on the issue, as determined by the Post’s analysis.

“Most Americans hold strong views on the issue, but the balance of those views appears to have shifted in the past three years,” the Post stated. “Today, 42 percent of Americans say that they ‘strongly’ believe that enacting new laws should be a priority, while 38 percent say they strongly believe that protecting the right to own guns should be prioritized. In 2018, strong support for enacting new laws outpaced strong support for protecting gun rights by 50 percent to 31 percent.”

The results of this poll have come just as Biden prepares to make gun control legislation a cornerstone of his first address to a joint session of Congress.

USA Today reported on Wednesday morning that Biden “will repeat calls for Congress to pass two House bills to strengthen background checks for gun buyers and close the so-called Charleston loophole,” which the outlet stated, “allows gun sales to proceed without a completed background check if three business days have lapsed.” After his claim that gun violence is an “epidemic and an international embarrassment,” Biden also plans to announce a set of executive orders that are aimed at “ghost guns.”



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