Another False Flag? Group Posing as “Patriots” March in DC…But No One Knows Who They Are

The radical left have been completely overrun with a wave of dishonest people. These are people who are willing to stoop so low that they’ll even pose as though they’re someone else in order

The left has been overtaken by tricksters who are trying to take over America.

There’s evidence that these radicals helped start the “Stop The Steal” protests on January 6 and but that’s all being ignored by the media and Washington.

One group of people did make headlines though when a march occurred this earlier this month where some guys wore masks in order to not appear too recognizable as they made their way to the Lincoln Memorial, then hurried back to their line of U-Haul trucks ready to haul them away back to where they came from.

Nobody even knows who these people were. No conservatives were aware of this gathering that was supposed to take place. It’s literally as though they just came out of nowhere. It all just seem really odd.

The group calls itself the “Patriot Front” but there are no real patriots in this organization from what I’ve gathered.

People on social media were also suspicious of this group as well.

There are so many red flags involved in this one that it’s clear almost immediately that something just isn’t right here. This is either a low-key group that nobody really knows about and they want to keep it that way, or there is something much more sinister going on with this and it would involve some Democrats, some federal agents, some people they hired off of the street or maybe a combination of all of these elements.

It’s a shame that this is the world that we’ve built. We live in a great time, don’t get me wrong. But it is also a very tough time given how hateful people have become.

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