Travis Scott Denies Satanic Themes At Disastrous ‘Astroworld’ Festival, Pretend to be A ‘Man of God’

A horrific tragedy happened during Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” festival in early November. Ten people lost their lives in the tragic chaos. Over 300 more from the audience were injured. Again, it was a gruesome tragedy.

There have been dozens of claims asserting gross neglect. Many of these are said to have helped to spawn the catastrophe. However, there have also been other rather bizarre allegations splattered across social media platforms, especially Twitter and TikTok.

Twitter and TikTok users began spreading rumors that Scott’s concert was a purposefully staged “satanic ritual”. Some insisted that the whole show was orchestrated as a “blood sacrifice”. Scott was portrayed as the satanic ritual ringleader.

Many pointed to the odd imagery and props used to establish a strange mood for the event. Father Michael Maginot explained to FOX News how, “The entrance of the concert seemed to be the mouth of the singer.” Every had to walk through this strange entrance.

Because of that bizarre prop, another weird conclusion was made. The Father made a reference to how the mouth is something a satanic demon would try to seize control of. It seemed a flimsy and rather curious connection to make.

The rumors and satanic insinuations were widespread. Scott interviewed with Charlamagne Tha God to tell his side of the story. Scott admonished anyone who suggested he planned some kind of satanic blood sacrifice. The popular rapper insisted he was “a man of God”.

Scott also said that he was unaware that anything tragic had happened during his show until just prior to his post-show interviews. The singer told Charlamagne Tha God that when he found out what had happened; he reacted in shocked disbelief.

There are still huge questions surrounding the “Astroworld” tragedy. The family and friends of the deceased will demand answers. We hope Travis Scott will provide authentically true answers. If he was at some level negligent, he must stand up and face the consequences.

However, if he was not, then that truth should be revealed as well. As for the wave of rumors that rushed across social media, that opens a whole other debate. To assert that someone held a live satanic ritual in order to sacrifice human beings is a serious charge.

The allegations would make someone culpable to homicide. If this crazy wave of social media rumors is untrue, that’s another critical discussion. Where do we draw the line on hateful rumors, which fester on these wildly popular platforms? That’s a question we must answer.

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