Democrats File Lawsuit to Ensure They Can Steal All Election in Swing State

It’s no secret the Democrats love stealing elections. They took the 2020 Presidential Election by storm and only the most patriotic journalists and news agencies continue to bring Americans the facts surrounding the fraudulent election results.

Democrats are looking to push forward with legislation in Pennsylvania to guarantee they can steal all future elections in the Keystone State. The Democrat Party has filed a lawsuit making a sweeping demand for statewide mail-in voting.

The lawsuit is objecting to a proposal that would end a commonly accepted practice of absentee mail-in voting. Democrats want to change the law to allow statewide mailed ballots. Many voters, election experts, and Republicans are worried about major fraud that could happen with this change.

Governor Tom Wolf ignited the wave of voter corruption with his illegal mandate for mail-in voting ahead of the 2020 election. Wolf violated the Pennsylvania Constitution by not taking the measure through the Pennsylvania legislature.

The radical Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the ridiculous gerrymandering decision was not overturned. It was the first of many corrupt acts by this corrupt politician, who has been accused of being soft on crime and dirty politics. These radicals insist that their objective is to “modernize election code that preserves the integrity of the ballot box”.

Sending ballots to every single registered voter, with zero protection against fraud, does the exact opposite. However, it fits perfectly into the radical Democrat Party’s playbook. They are attempting to twist election legislation from the federal level all the way down to local elections.

It is a full-blown assault on election integrity. This recent lawsuit in Pennsylvania is just the latest power grab by the Democrat Party to steal all future elections across the nation. Americans who value free and fair elections must take a stand, or a cherished part of our democracy will be erased forever.

As we’ve said time and time again, if we really want to ensure that we have safe and secure elections, we’ve got to do more. We need more well-defined regulations put into practice so that every side can see everything that is going on and that there is no room to even question what happened.

Another opinion that I have is that we should not even have this massive connection where we can get almost real-time results of who is winning. I think we should just go to bed and wake up the next morning knowing who the winner is. The more attention you put on something like President Trump winning an election, the more they can focus their efforts on stopping that. But if they don’t know about him winning, they can’t do anything about it.

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