Speaker Kevin McCarthy: House Democrats Dead Set on Erasing Economic Gains

Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy says that Democrats are running on a platform that would erase all the gains the economy has made under President Trump.

Over the last eighteen months, the economy has grown at a tremendous rate and the stock market has set no less than 106 records for gains. The wages of working Americans has been at 3% for 11 straight months and the unemployment rate is a fantastic 3.7%. Yet, the Democrats insist that the economy isn’t working for everyone.

They realize that unless they fool the voters, Trump will win in a walk because he controls two important issues for the voters and that’s the economy and immigration.

From The Daily Signal

Our nation is in the midst of enjoying the best economy we have seen in a generation.

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These results did not occur by accident. They transpired because policymakers made an intentional choice to allow free enterprise to flourish and remove unnecessary burdens on families and businesses.

But our economic progress can, and will, be overturned if Congress tries to control the economy from within its bubble in Washington, D.C., as Democrats are attempting to do today.

Their latest Washington-centric proposal is the Raise the Wage Act, legislationthat would artificially raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour—over twice its current amount.

This bill is another misguided attempt by Democrats to impose one-size-fits-all policy on the American people. It is backward-looking and proves that Democrats are dead set on erasing the progress our economy has made since President Donald Trump took office.