SHOCKING: NY Post Releases Video of Man Pointing Gun at Cops and Getting Blown Away [EXTREME]

The NY Post has released an extremely graphic video. Police was called about a domestic disturbance and when they showed up, a man stepped outside and pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the officers.

That was a mistake and the last one he would ever make. The officers opened fired and the man went down, never to rise again. If you are skittish or if extreme violence upsets you, do not click on this video. It can be quite unsettling.

If the police are coming after you have already committed violence, the last thing you should do is point a gun at them and make it you or the decision.

From The  Daily Caller

A man in Louisville, Kentucky was gunned down by police officers after he made the incredibly stupid decision of pointing a gun at them.

According to, Anthony Wayne French Sr. was shot and killed by Louisville police officers Tuesday after he pointed a gun at them when they were responding to a “domestic situation” call. French reportedly had “beaten” two adults in the household and held them at gunpoint before police showed up and killed him.

You can watch the video of the shooting released by The New York Post below, but be warned that it’s incredibly graphic.

My friends, the video above is perfect proof as to why you don’t pull weapons on police officers. If you draw down on armed officers of the law, you’re asking to get blown out of your shoes.

That dude walked up to the cops, had a handgun and told the cops to back  up. They didn’t have any other choice.


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