Shocking New Video Emerges Of Man Who Carried Out Texas Elementary School Assault

An extremely horrid video has come to light that shows the man who stormed a Texas Elementary School this past week with firearms seemingly holding up a large blood-soaked and dripping bag full of dead cats.

The focal point of the video displays the 18 year-old Latino man who was responsible for the murder of 19 children standing there smiling while brandishing the dripping bloody bag, as seen in the video footage that was discovered by the New York Post, which was so horrifically graphic that the outlet had to censor the bag itself.

The attacker “is seen smiling in the undated footage while sitting in the passenger seat of a pal’s car — holding up a clear plastic bag with at least two bloodied cats visible inside,” read a report from the New York Post. “The sicko was previously rumored to have had a fascination with dead cats and had threatened to kidnap, kill and rape girls who shunned him online.”

David Trevino Jr., who is related to the shooter’s grandmother via marriage, reported to the news outlet that the attacker was well known for liking the harming of animals.

“The shooter was known for hurting cats,” he stated. “He liked hurting animals. I’m told he killed the cats and carried around the bag of bodies for s–ts and giggles.”

“The video shows he was not right in the head,” he went on. “He’s not all there. The video raises all sorts of red flags.”

According to the laws of the state of Texas, intentionally hurting animals is classified as a felony, a charge that would have instantly blocked the attacker from being able to buy the weapons that were used to carry out the tragedy that happened in Uvalde, Texas.

“He would go to the park and try to pick on people and he loved hurting animals,” one of the high school classmates of the attacker claimed as part of an interview. “I remember there was one time we saw him beating a little dog senseless.”

Yet another classmate also came forward to make similar claims, stating that the attackers “would hurt animals” and that he was known as “not a good person.”

The perpetrator “was a boy who was not bullied,” he claimed. “He would try to pick on people and fail and it would aggravate him.”

“A lot of people who knew him, we knew he wasn’t mentally healthy,” he stated. “And a lot of people could agree that we probably should’ve said something.”

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